PVC True union ball valve (Big Size)
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Size: DN65-2 1 2 " to DN100-4 " Body material: PVC or CPVC Ball seat material: EPDM or FPM

  Design Advantages:

    1.  Heavy-duty, extra-large diameter shaft is reinforced by additional resin and eliminates stem breaks.
    2.  Double shaft O-rings.
    3.  PTFE seats backed up with O-rings reduce the wear and tear of repeated cycling.
    4.  Self compensation of thermal expansion and micro-adjustment of the PTFE ball seats 
    5.  Concentric machined and mirror-polished ball.
    6.  Dual sliding seats use triple O-rings for balance and maximum leak protection.
    7.  Smooth flow path eliminates pressure loss.
    8.  True union ends for ease of piping and removal.
    9.  Easy actuation, even after installation.
   10. Handle can be replaced by actuator directly, no need to mount brackets




  • Available from 2-1/2" to 4" sizes!
  • Available in PVC, CPVC, Natural (virgin, unpigmented) Polypropylene, and PVDF.
  • Available seal materials are EPDM & FPM. Handle is molded ABS
  • Other materials available; minimum quantities apply.
  • Available with NPT threaded connections, sockets, flanges , metric, or BSP.
  • Install as manual valve today, add an actuator tomorrow with no special kits or modifications.


Details for parts of High quality PVC true union ball valve


1. Mirror-polished ball.

 pvc ball valve




2. Machined Ball seat.

 High quality pvc ball valve


Dimensions & Specifications:







true union pvc ball valve



1 Cap 1 PVC 
2 Handle PVC 
3 O-ring EPDM
4 Stem PVC
5 Seal Carrier PVC
6 Ball PVC
7 Ball Seat PTFE 
8 O-ring EPDM 
9 O-ring EPDM 
10 End Connector  PVC 
11 Union Nut  PVC 
12 Body  PVC 
13 Flange  PVC 
14 O-Ring  EPDM 










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